Viewing a Credit Bureau Report

When a credit bureau report is received, Expert indicates if the report contains errors or is successful. If there are errors, you will be required to open the report to identify the errors. A Credit Bureau report is displayed in the History section of the Credit Bureau screen, from where it can be opened. To open the credit report, complete the following steps:


  1. From the Left Navigation Pane, click Credit Bureau to open the Credit Bureau screen. Scroll to the History section.


  2. If the report contains no errors, then the Status column reads Successful. If the report contains any errors, then the Status column reads Error.

  3. For the applicant report you want to view, click its Preview button.

  4. The report opens as a PDF document in a separate window, from where it can be printed if needed. If the report has an error code, it is the last three digits of the number indicated below. To view Equifax Error Codes, click here.


  5. If you previously chose not to copy the liabilities from the credit bureau report to the Liabilities section for the applicant (see Requesting Credit Bureau Report), you can do so from the History section. Click the Copy button of the applicant whose liabilities are to be copied.

    New liabilities are added to the Liabilities section, and existing liabilities are not overwritten. If you need to add, delete, or update liabilities that are different from those in the credit bureau report, return to the Liabilities section to make changes. See Entering Applicant Liabilities for more information.



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