Requesting a Credit Bureau Report

Expert provides the broker with the ability to order and review credit bureau reports for each applicant on the application. A credit bureau report can be requested when the certain personal information is complete for the applicant.* The property or mortgage information does not have to be complete to request a credit bureau report.


* usually consists of name, date of birth, current address, SIN (if provided).


To request a credit bureau report, complete the following steps:


  1. From the Left Navigation Pane, click Credit Bureau. The Credit Bureau screen appears.


  2. To print a consent form, click the Print Consent Form button. The consent form opens as a PDF document in a separate window, from where it can be printed.

  3. Once authorization is obtained for an applicant, enter the date in the Authorization Obtained field using the dynamic calendar.

  4. In the Authorization Method field, enter the authorization method. For example, "Written Consent".

  5. If an applicant pair is on the application, you have the option of requesting a joint credit bureau report. Do so by selecting the Joint checkbox. Otherwise, select the Single checkbox for the applicant.

  6. Liabilities received from the credit bureau report can be automatically populated into the Liabilities section of the Applicant Details screen. To have this occur for an applicant, select that applicant's Copy Liabilities checkbox. (Note that the checkbox may already be selected if the Copy Bureau on Request option was selected in the Liabilities section of the Applicant Information screen).

  7. Select the credit bureau to pull: Equifax or TransUnion. If one of the bureaus is not available, it means it is not enabled for your firm. To have the bureau enabled, see your firm administrator.

  8. Click the Request Bureau button.

  9. The request is submitted. When the report arrives, it is displayed in the History section of the screen. See Viewing and Printing a Credit Bureau Report